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outdoor wood fired sauna.Domestic sauna room dimensions

  Domestic sauna room dimensions  First, the size of the household sauna room standard  The standard size of domestic sauna room mainly depends on the number of users and site conditions and other factors. In general, the size of the sauna used by a single person is about 1.2m×1.2m×2.0m, while the size of the sauna used by many people needs to be customized according to the actual situation.  Second, the spatial layout of the household sauna room  Before determining the size of the domestic sauna room, it is necessary to consider its spatial layout. The domestic sauna room needs to have the function of dry and wet separation, and is equipped with changing rooms, showers and other ancillary facilities. It is necessary to pay attention to practicality and aesthetics in space planning, and design according to different needs.  Third, the choice of size of home sauna room  Factors such as use needs and site conditions need to be considered when choosing the size of a domestic sauna room. S

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