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How to install a household sweat steaming room and introduce these 6 popular styles.submersible hot tub stove

2023-08-26 attribution:News

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  Household nano sweat steaming room

  Adopting Enron nano air conditioning quilt, high-tech nano technology combined with far-infrared negative ion trace element energy, abundant efficacy, good experience!

  Household Korean style sweat steaming room

  Negative ion energy powder, nano energy powder, and various building materials processed with "liquid" tourmaline are used in the sweat steaming room. Their function is to release ions, purify air, and achieve beauty and physical therapy effects

  Household red cedar sweat steaming room

  It belongs to a high-end household sweat steaming room, imported from Canada with red cedar, also known as cedar wood. It is original, corrosion-resistant, moisture-proof, waterproof and insect proof, with a natural fragrance of wood, making it a great choice for villa decoration

  Tieshanmu Household Sweat Steaming Room

  It has a high cost-effectiveness and is chosen by many homemakers. Canadian fir wood is not easily deformed and has stable performance. The wood grain is clear and beautiful, with high strength. It has anti-corrosion and moisture-proof functions, and is durable and durable

  Light wave household sweat steaming room

  The light wave room adopts seven color light therapy lamps, with 7 different light therapy colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple. Each color has different therapeutic effects!

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