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Custom cold water tubs


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Recently, we received an inquiry from a client in Canada regarding custom cold water tubs. Let's take a look at our discussion process.

The client expressed a strong interest in cold water tubs and wanted to customize a unique and high-quality tub. They asked if we could meet their personalized requirements. We confirmed that our company offers ODM and OEM services, allowing us to design and manufacture cold water tubs according to the client's specifications. This answer greatly pleased them, and they expressed a keen interest in our company's professionalism and services.

During further discussions, the client mentioned their special preference for the tub's material. They wanted to use locally sourced Western Red Cedar from Canada to create the tub, showcasing the regional characteristics and unique texture. We assured the client that we would use high-quality Canadian Western Red Cedar to craft the cold water tub, ensuring its texture and aesthetic appeal.

The client further addressed their requirements for the tub's size and design style. They desired a spacious and comfortable tub that could accommodate multiple people, with a design that was minimalist yet stylish. We confirmed their requirements and promised to customize the cold water tub to their provided dimensions and design style, ensuring it meets their expectations.

In addition, the client emphasized the need for functionality and safety. They wanted the tub to have an efficient cooling system to quickly lower the water temperature to the desired cold level. They also required the tub to be equipped with safety non-slip materials to prevent accidents and slipping. We assured the client that our cold water tubs would feature an efficient cooling system for rapid temperature reduction and would incorporate safety non-slip materials on the tub's surface, prioritizing user safety.

Finally, the client discussed pricing and expressed their desire for a reasonable and competitive quote. We assured them that we would provide a fair and reasonable pricing proposal, highlighting our commitment to delivering high-quality cold water tubs and professional after-sales service.

During our discussion, the client also mentioned their intention to bring this icy experience to outdoor settings. Considering this request, we recommended our inflatable tub series. These tubs are lightweight and portable, allowing for convenient use in various outdoor locations, while still offering the same high quality and functionality as traditional cold water tubs. The client showed great interest in this option and expressed their willingness to learn more about our inflatable tubs.

Through this conversation, the client developed a strong interest in our company's services and product quality. They expressed their willingness to collaborate with us. We deeply appreciate the client's support and trust, and we pledge to manufacture a unique and premium cold water tub that meets their expectations. We look forward to working with the client and providing them with a tailored and high-quality cold water tub, while also offering the option of an inflatable tub for outdoor use.

Now let's take a look at the renderings of the product.



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