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Personalized Beach Barrel Sauna


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A while ago, a beach enthusiast from Japan was searching for a manufacturer that could meet his specific requirements for a custom beach barrel sauna, and he discovered our company. This customer was eager to have a personalized beach barrel sauna that would provide a unique and comfortable experience on the beach.

During our initial communication, he inquired about our ability to accommodate his special requests. We assured him that our company offers ODM and OEM services, allowing for complete customization based on the client's needs. This response sparked his keen interest as he had faced difficulties finding a suitable manufacturer previously.

He further expressed his preference for a sauna design that would harmonize with the beach environment while offering relaxation and comfort. We assured him that we would tailor the design to his style and color preferences, ensuring that the beach barrel sauna seamlessly integrates with the beach surroundings and provides the desired ambiance of relaxation and comfort.

When discussing material selection, he revealed a particular fondness for Japanese cypress wood. We informed him about the relatively higher price of Japanese cypress wood and suggested alternative materials with similar appearance and texture. However, he remained steadfast in his preference for Japanese cypress wood due to its unique aroma and grain.

Further discussions revolved around the specific requirements for the size and functionality of the beach barrel sauna. He desired a sauna with a diameter of 2500 millimeters and a height of 2000 millimeters, equipped with a comfortable seat and a heating system, while also offering the opportunity to enjoy the beach view through a circular glass window.

We confirmed his requirements and assured him that we would design the beach barrel sauna according to the provided dimensions, incorporating a comfortable seat and a heating system. The circular glass window would provide him with the desired view of the beach.

Lastly, he mentioned that price was one of the factors he considered. He expressed a desire for reasonable and competitive pricing. We assured him that we would provide a fair quotation, emphasizing our commitment to maintaining reasonable pricing while delivering high-quality products. We also offered references from other customers to demonstrate our pricing advantage.

Through these communications, he developed a strong interest in our company's services and product quality, expressing a desire to collaborate with us. We expressed gratitude for his support and trust, promising to put forth our utmost efforts to produce a beach barrel sauna that meets his expectations.

Now, we are delighted to present the completed product image of the beach barrel sauna. Let us appreciate the visual depiction of this remarkable product:




This narrative showcases our company's services and product quality, capturing the attention of potential customers and igniting their anticipation for collaboration. Should you require further details or descriptions, please feel free to add them to make the case more engaging and captivating.

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